Friday 5 October 2012


Hey all,
Today I am sharing with you all, a wall art that was a thrift buy from a shop here in Gurgaon.... Now this wooden marvel was meant to be placed at the entrance when it was bought.... it was not in such condition to be put it inside because of its withered rugged looks...then we decided to paint it.... and black was the ultimate choice...although gold would have also looked awesome,but anywhoooo.... and after the paint and all finishing, is hanging pretty in our living room....I think it was destined to be inside the house. 
Have a look.

                                     The contrast of black with green looks alluring.

                        Hope you enjoyed the pics... do share your thoughts in the comments section!

                                                                       MUCH LOVE



  1. Beautiful piece Aakanksha!! It sure has enhanced the beauty of living room.

  2. Yeah, it looks very pretty with greens in the foreground.

  3. Thrift... really!! wow... thats an impressive find!! :)


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