Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Fenugreek-standing tall

Hey everyone....
Hows the weather in your part of the world....Here in Gurgaon it has been raining massively. Rain God why are you doing so?? Its end of February already and the winters are not yet ready to leave us alone I suppose. Please winters gooooo Away...let the spring come in so that I can have my lush green garden back again. Last week, our gardener had sown the seeds of so many veggies and fruits including watermelon but the rains played the spoiler and destroyed all of it. But the fenugreek that was sown around a month back has faced all th trauma done by the rains and is still standing tall. Though I dont like fenugreek...but loving the lushness and pretty green color of this bitter veggie.

So do you like fenugreek???? Share with me in the comments section.

                                                                  MUCH LOVE


Thursday, 21 February 2013

Zen Corner at Home

Hey All!!!
Hows you all?Hows life in your part of the world? Well on my side, it's been pretty good since past few days(*touchwood*). I am getting good quality work that I am thoroughly enjoying. I am ACTUALLY enjoying being busy. This is such a wonderful feeling. I never thought that I would ever enjoy being busy with work. But as they say never say never.
Lately, I have experienced myself being attracted to spirituality. I mean this is good,right...atleast that makes my mom its pretty beautiful.
And yes, I am also doing what I love the a makeover to my room...i am so very excited about it...spending hours on pinterest for some inspiration...I am chalking out the amalgm of morrocan + kashmiri + bohemian decor for my room...but very understated. Getting a huge mirror tooo....yayyieee....Okay I am not going to tell any thing will have to wait to see the final outcome.Lets hope it comes out as I am dreaming it to be (*fingers crossed*). So a bit of renovating work is being done.
Clicked these pictures in the morning today....with the sunrays beaming through the windows, they are lending a subtle glow to our buddha.  And the fresh grass from our backyard and some incense..and tadaa our own zen corner at home....loving these pictures. Read the other zen post here.
Excuse me for the table, it is under renovation...used it for its rustic and raw appeal.
Enjoy the pictures.


Did you feel the vibes these pictures are sending...? Well they send really positive vibes to me....but maybe that is because of the spiritual connect I am experiencing...

                     Do share your thoughts in the comments section.Would love to hear from you.

                                                                     MUCH LOVE



Friday, 8 February 2013

Quirky Bookshelves

Hey everyone!
Books are an integral part of our lives. They give us knowledge, insight into a different world and a new perspective. Everyone has a different taste in reading as one has in music. Some prefer reading about the spirituality, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, mythology while some prefer to read about fashion, home decor, diets etc (haha I come in the second type). And books can not be replaced by anything. The pleasure of reading the crisp pages of a new book or the smell of your old books, every book has its own charm.
So, to preserve these we must get ourselves some quirky book shelves instead of piling them on some table or under your bed. Lets show them off in style. Have a look at some quirky bookshelves that caught my eye while pinterst-ing.


Pacman Bookshelf (via)



How do you find these quirky bookshelves. Share with me in the comments section.

                                                                MUCH LOVE


Tuesday, 5 February 2013


Heyaa Everyone!!!

The more I am looking at this picture, the more I am liking it. Eveything is so geometric, neat and colorful. The color-blocked wall , circular bookshelf with a window seat and an amazingly awesome view, cosy hanging swing, bamboo sticks, chandelier, the quirky chair....what not to like.


 The place is so vibrant and spells happiness.I Would love to have a place so quirky yet so happy.

                                                              MUCH LOVE


Monday, 4 February 2013

Raiding the Kitchen

Hey everyone,

Its been quite a while that I wrote a beauty post. Though this blog is all about Decor and has nothing to do with skin care or hair care, but this blog is my extension and I thoroughly believe that one must always look radiant and take good care of themselves irrespective of their busy schedules.

I am not much of a believer of those expensive creams and lotions but instead love raiding the kitchen for my skin and hair care. I believe in natural things. I mean I really don't get the point of buying a cream/gel containing aloevera when we can just pluck a portion and apply the natural aloe juice-all pure and untouched by chemicals(preservatives etc).Or for that matter why buying a cream that boasts off milk cream and kesar(saffron), when you can get it in your own kitchen, and believe me they will be all much better than your expensive creams.Anyways that just my personal opinion.

Here today I will be sharing when and why I raid my kitchen. Who knows you might also start raiding your kitchen!



The first and the foremost step in skin care is the cleansing step. We all accumulate a lot of dirt on our skin throughout the day. So it becomes rather mandatory to thoroughly clean it up before moisturizing.
  • Use half a cup of coconut/olive/baby oil and mix it with equal portions of water. Mix it thoroughly and put it in a bottle. Using a cotton, remove all the dirt/make-up in a single swipe.
  • Use milk. Soak a cotton ball in milk and apply it on your face and then after 2 minutes of massaging remove it using a cotton.

The second step of your skincare should be to re-balance the pH and close all the open pores to make your skin look firm and tight. Many people does not pay much heed to this step..But this step is as much important as the moisturising step. Here's the toners that are present in your kitchen.

  • Ice- Rubbing the ice on your face closes all the open pores and instantly gives you a glowing firm skin.
  • Vinegar- Use either the apple cider vinegar or the simple vinegar and dilute it a little. Apply on your face using a cotton ball.
  • Tomato juice- The acidic property of the tomato juice closes all the pores and gives a tight radiant looking skin. Apply the juice and keep on for 5-7 mins before wiping it off with a cotton wipe.
  • Cucumber Juice- This soothes, relaxes and tones your skin. Apply the juice or put thin cucumber slices on your face.
  • Green Tea- This miracle drink does wonders for both your skin and body. Rich in anti-oxidants this also tones and evens out your skin.
  • Rose water- Excellent for all skin types.Relaxes you with its rosey smell.
  • Honey + Apple juice- The  concoction of one tablespoon honey and fresh apple juice when applied on face for 15 minutes tones the skin, keeping it firm.

This is the most important step for keeping your skin soft and supple. It is a myth that people with oily skin can go without moisturizing, but it is not TRUE. Your skin needs moisturization irrespective of the type, so don't miss this step at any cost.
  • Honey- Honey has humectant qualities i.e it attracts water and also retains it in the skin, so the skin remains supple and elastic. It also protects against wrinkles and dryness. This is used in several cosmetic creams.
  • Milk-cream- Malai as it is called in India, is a miraculous thing for your skin. I use it to massage my face followed by steaming to clean out the impurities from deep under the skin. Trust me, this mosturizes your skin leaving it super soft and supple. My grandmother used to apply it and she had the most spectacular skin- free of freckles and super soft. And she had been using this for all her life.
  • Curd- Curd is full of anti-oxidants and vitamins and is very mositurising. Apply it on your face as it is and let it dry. Wash it off with cold water and you get a visibly fairer, clearer and even skin in minutes.
  • Fruits- Banana, avocado, apple, papaya, cheekoo, melons, watermelons, mangos, strawberry, oranges etc are full of moisturising properties and store house of vitamins and minerals. Mash your favorite fruit and apply on your face. Wash off after 15 minutes to get the fresh as a dew skin in minutes.And you can just apply any fruit.Tip: Dont throw over-riped fruits,instead puree them and apply on your skin.

So go out ladies and raid your kitchen. Your kitchen has the most awesome and priceless things for your skin. Take cues from the likes of Cleopatra and get an envious glow on your skin and fuller pockets too.

                                                                   MUCH LOVE

(All images via google)