Tuesday 18 September 2012


A home is where the heart is...hmmm....very true...so NOW that means it all depends on the heart... means we can call only that place our home where Mr.Heart is happy... hun right... so what does this bloody blood pumping organ demands....clutter and negativity....naah..... it demands  love, calm,positivity,cleanliness, tranquillity,beauty in every aspect of life....so to make Mr. heart happy and win his heart...we have to include some chutzpah and X-factor into our house...so that our heart can actually reside in their..and make our humble house into OUR home....(Note: this paragraph is heavy on the heart)

All that our heart commands can be fulfilled by having a quaint little zen corner/s or by incorporating various zen elements into our homes...So lets fulfil Mr.Heart's demand and make some space for zen in our homes.

Elements of Zen:
  1. Buddha
  2. Candles
  3. Greens inside
  4. Incense
  5. Water element
  6. Flowers
- But these in brass, metal, terracotta, handicrafts, wood or in whichever material you get them.
- Place these anywhere in your home-garden, entrance, side table,coffee table, kitchen.
-Ask someone to gift you a laughing Buddha.Apart from its feng shui benefits for wealth,health and prosperity it also exudes positive vibes.
- Buddha figurines are available in many postures- standing Buddha, meditating Buddha, laughing Buddha, protection Buddha,enlightenment Buddha etc.

                                                                    Laughing Buddha


- Buy candles in various shapes and sizes. Tall pillar candles are stunners.
-Aroma candles are available in vanilla, lavender,rose, orange, jasmine etc. Buy according to your flavour to accentuate the vibes.
-Light floating candles in a bowl/urli filled with water and few petals to make a stunning piece.
-Using small tea-lights, personalise them by placing them in a glass or a cup filled with anything from coffee beans to small pebbles to potpourri...These make for gorgeous pieces.
-Make your own candles (wax or gel) and add aroma,colours, dried leaves, flowers, shells....of your choice.
-Place these anywhere in your house.

-Buy these in different sizes, colour,textures and shapes.
-Paint your pebbles in gold or silver colour if you don't like their raw appeal.
-Place these in planters or use these as paper weights.
-Put small pebbles with different sizes and colour in a glass bowl and few succulents over these to create a master piece.
White pebbles



- Add indoor plants in your home.
-Choose from succulents to long palms.
-Place money plant in bottles.
-Choose from colourful plants
- Build your own terrarium..if you cant devote much time to the greens and its care.
- Grow bamboos in pebbles and glass bowls/vases. Bamboo is extremely adaptable and wont require much of your attention.

-Add some fragrance into your home by burning few incense.
-These are available as cones, sticks,coils etc.
-Available in various fragrances-rose,lavender,orange, jasmine,etc.
-If you don't like the incense, use diffusers instead.
-Place these in your living room, your pooja(prayer) room or near your beloved Buddha.


Incense sticks
- These days small water elements are available at various shops as fountains.
- Place the water element (water in a bowl/ fountain) at the left side of your main door (when you are standing facing outdoors.) for good fengshui.
-These can also be placed in the garden.

For garden

For Indoors
- Fresh flowers add a refresh-ness to the ambiance of your home.
-Place flowers in tall vases, kettles, glasses,cups and place them just about any where and everywhere. THE MORE THE MERRIER.
-If you cant place fresh flowers daily, use artificial flowers or dried flowers or potpourri to enhance the overall ambiance.
- Float flowers in an urli and keep them at your entrance to give your guests a HEART warming welcome.

Fresh flowers inside

Frangipani flowers floating.

Hope you all will give these easy-on-the-pocket treatments to your HEART.


                                                     MUCH LOVE


(Note: all images via google)


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