Monday 26 November 2012

Infusing Colors!!!!!!!

When it comes to decorating your home, most of us play it safe with neutral colors by  opting for browns, beiges, creams, off-whites and greys.It takes a lot of courage to opt for a bright color on  your sofa or any other pieces of furniture over a safe neutral piece.Now, today the focus will be on how one can infuse colors into the home decor without going over-the-top.

Some handy tips:-

1. PUT ON A THEME - Think about a theme and work on it. For ex. : You can go for lotus theme with pink accents, lotus candle votives, pink cushions, lotus flowers etc. Or you can also opt for peacock theme by going gaga over vibrant blues and greens in cushions, throws, wall color, mor pankhi in a vase. You just need to broaden your imagination.Go for different themes and shop for it.

                                                                    (peacock theme)

2. PAINT A SINGLE WALL IN BRIGHT HUES: Instead of going all white/cream on your walls (I know it looks serene...but we talking about colors right?), paint a single wall in colors such as yellows,oranges, pinks, reds, blues, greens or even black(you gotta be super daring to try this...but trust me it looks stunning). You can also go for different patterns or wall stickers on the wall to make it the focal point of your room.

 Black wall

3. RUGS: Rugs add an interesting element of warmth to your room. These can instantly brighten up any space. Buy your rugs/ mats in vibrant hues and coordinate or contrast with your room decor. These are available in different shapes and sizes and in various textures too. Just throw on a rug and bring on the floor cushions to glam up your space.

4. BRING IN THE NATURE: If you aren't willing to paint your wall bright or changing your upholstery in bright hues, but still want to infuse some colors, then nature comes to the rescue.Bring in your lush green plants, garden cuttings, flowers from marigolds, cosmos, roses, tulips and even the wild varieties. They will add a pop of color without going over-board. Place them in every possible corner of your house and instantly see the difference. Put your garden cuttings/ flowers in vases, kettels, cups, soup bowls(yaa...and I am not joking...just try it once), wine bottles or in any thing that you think can hold them.

5. DRAPES: Yes..Yes..Yess...long flowing drapes in bright bright colors are to die for. Get them in sheer or in opaque , these are the best way of adding the color to the decor. If your overall decor is in neutral shades, then your drapes in shocking colors(magenta, pinks, maroons, reds, greens, yellows, purples.........any color from the rainbow I mean) will act as a contrast and will give definition to your room. But if you already have too much color in your decor, then go subtle on the color of your drapes.Too much color can sometimes be a bit eye souring.

6.PAINTINGS: Buy your paintings large, colorful and bright. The paintings are the best alternative if you dont wish to paint your wall but still want some color.

7. CUSHIONS/THROWS/RUNNERS: Bright colored cushions, throws and runners looks alluring and brightens up the dullest of the space. Buy your cushions in different shapes and sizes and make sure they are uber fluffy. Put on a bright colored throw on your neutral sofa, and if you have a bright sofa then you could either add a contrasting color or some neutral colored throw.

Their are just plenty of ideas to add colors to your decor. Toss your imagination a bit and look how it makes a difference.  


                                                                     MUCH LOVE



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