Monday 8 October 2012


Hey all,

The winters are slowly setting in and we can already feel the nip in the temperature here in Gurgaon...How excited I am ..I mean.. I just love winters...reasons being infinite...From several hot cuppa of coffee, cozyness of the quilt, soups, hot noodles, jackets, mufflers, boots, coats, fake smoke from your mouth...hehe, smell of winters, soaking in the sun,bar-be-ques,christmas,loathing on the clothes....and what not...But what i hate dont like about them is that the ambience inside the house seems so gloomy and dull..... Anywhoo that does not mean we will sit and let that happen....NO WAYS....when we have those greens with us, no winter can ever fall upon us.
So this winter too, my roomies will going to be my greens....or is it the other way greens will going to be my roomiess....whatevaaa
Here are some greens that I am planning to get inside:

                                                                 Money plant






                                                        Cuttings from our garden

There are so many more options, but alas all my other plants are outdoor plants.... But thinking of investing in some gorgeous small succulents this time.
Apart from these, I will also be getting colorful gorgeous flowers in to go GAGA over these winters.

                                                         MUCH LOVE


(So how are you fighting those gloomy winter woes?Do tell me in the comments section.)


  1. ur blog s a gr8 find to thm all...

    1. Thank you Nisha..Thats really sweet of you


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