Monday 7 January 2013


Today I am sharing the story of a plant that was propogated from a single stem and that is well flourished today and covers a significant portion of our garden under the hedges. This plant is the Wandering Jew. I am simply amazed by the growing speed of this plant. Its been only few months that we planted few of the stem cuttings under the hedges to cover the shabby looking soil and whoooaaa its already filled and how... Infact this is slowely trying to cover the grass area and so we have to get it cut on a regular basis.
And not only these flourish outdoors but when placed in the water inside the house, these still look fresh and growing after days.

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Wandering Jew Plant Quick Facts:

Scientific Name: Zebrina pendula
Common Names: Wandering Jew
Light Requirement : Bright Light to Filtered Light
Water Requirement : Drench, Let Dry
Humidity : Average Home
Temperature : House
Potting Mix : All-Purpose
Propagation : Layering, Stem Cuttings
Decorative Use : Hanging Basket, Table
Care Rating : Very Easy

This plant is sure to fill any pot/area very quickly and particularly in hanging baskets these looks stunning when they fall.

Are you digging these wandering jews??Share with me in the comments section!

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  1. I had planted this in my native home long back ago. After a while it disappeared becoz the local gardner thought it was a kind of weed. Nowadays I see it in hanging baskets in most of the houses..

  2. Hey Vasudha,..
    with its growing tendency it makes for beautiful fully bloomed hanging baskets.... you just need a few cuttings and you can get these back fully grown in your native place.


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