Sunday, 31 March 2013

Playing Photgrapher and Capturing Nature....

You know what, it rained yesterday here in Delhi and Gurgaon and the weather is just amazingly beautiful. With spring here, there are fresh green leaves, colorful flowers, butterflies and bugs buzzing my garden. Loving the colors in the garden these days.

Yesterday, after the rains stopped, I got out and clicked some pictures from our garden. Have a look at my shots!!

 Our new 'narangi' plant changing colors.
                                                   Gorgeous hues of golden Duranta hedges.
                                                              Budding mor pankhi.
                                              Wandering jews and yellow daisy fresh after rains.
                                     Before the rains and a few weeks earlier, garden was like this.

                       This lady bird certainly knows about the current fashion trends: Polka Dots

                                                                    Curry flowers
                                                                        Rosey Bud
 Bougainvillea greens
                                                             And the bud blossomed
Fresh green leaves of curry leaves.
Much Love

Friday, 29 March 2013

Friday, 22 March 2013



Here today I am sharing with you all, my last few days. Have a lookie.

Last week, we went for some plant shopping at the Chattarpur nursuries. These wonderful colors welcomed us . Couldn't stop myself from going al clickety clicky after seeing these vibrant flowers. Aren't they simply gorgeous?

So from the nursery we got some citrus plants home. The first pic is the bonsai of orange plant, the second pic shows flowering lemon flowers blossoming in our backyard, and finally my most favourite narangi plant (Chinese Lemon as they say).This plant is fully loaded with small narangis which will soon change its color into bright orange...*Love*.

 Then there was some more shopping. But this time it was some terracotta love. Got these two beauties home. The buddha is gracing our garden in his own zen space and the ganesha hanging hangs pretty at our enterance.

Hehe, so this is what I made for my self on my two day detox diet to shed few calories after the hectic wedding season. Fruit salad and vegetable poha it is. Testing my culinary skills you see.

Spring at home: Spring certainly showed its presence felt inside too. Snapshots of some lovely flower arrangements at home.

Gardener trimming the hedges in the front garden and the lovely bougainvillea blossoming profusely in our backyard. This was a small tiny plant when we got it home last year and today it makes for such a pretty picture.

Good deed: This baby pigeon fell down from his nest and was lying injured in our backyard. He couldn't fly and was very scared. Feeded him with some seeds and water. He is still there in the backyard and is trying to fly slowly but not high enough to reach to his nest.
And this is our lovely bird bath. Got this a while back from Dilli Haat. It is hanging in the backyard for all the thirsty birds out there.

Loving these snapshots. It is like a scrapbook of my past few days. All in all last few days were really therapeutic with shopping, healthy food and some good deed.

                                                                             MUCH LOVE


Thursday, 21 March 2013

Bird Bath at Home


How have you all been..?? With spring here, we can see the magnificent beauty of nature all around us these days. And soooon scorching summer woud be here. Its already hot here in Delhi/Gurgaon. I have always had this love-hate relationship with summers. The good part is that we have all the light flowy gorgeous clothes to wear but the bad part is the scorching heat and loo that make us confined to our homes.

But ever thought about how these mighty small featered friends of ours deal with the unbearable heat. The least we can do to help them is to get a bird bath for them, so that they dont have to fly miles in the heat to search for few drops of water. Every year many birds die because of heat.

To help them out, just do your bit and get a bowl of water outside in your balconies and gardens. So let us all welcome the birdies with a huge heart.

Here is a look at our bird-bath in the backyard.

By the ways do you, 20th March was Worlds Sparrow Day. They have almost vanished from Delhi, though these can still be seen in Gurgaon. But these are on the list of endangered species in India. Lets do our bit to save them.


Monday, 4 March 2013

Floral power

I have tested this techinque like around few million times and everytime it has proved to be correct. Now I am talking about the power of flowers... Everytime their is any setting at home with fresh automaticallly brings in the happy energy. The aura they create is just fantabulous. Nothing beats the freshness and classiness of flowers. Buy them for yourself or ask somebody to gift it to you.....but do get some occasional freshness at home if not daily. I got these flowers last night while driving back home at one of the red lights...yes dont get shocked...
Here in Delhi we see small children selling books, flowers, mobile chargers etc on the roads. As the traffic light turns red a bunch of them comes on the road from about nowhere and try on with their luck and marketing skills until the lights turn green. ahhh....but that a different story....and inspite of all these wrongs...I just love my delhi.*I am and will always be a true blue delhiite aka dilli wali.* 




After reaching home, I placed these pretties in a vase and started with my click click....blurred images courtesy my mobile camera....but some of the pictures are from this morning....

So do you also belive in the flower power? Share your thoughts about the post in the comments section!

                                                                   MUCH LOVE


Friday, 1 March 2013

Happy weekend!!!

Hey everyone!!!!
Happy Weekend ya all! Hope you all have a great start to the weekend. Sharing the pic of the floating flowers kept at the entrance of our home. Welcoming the weekend with the happy energy.

From my home to your home.

                                                                              MUCH LOVE


Thought for the month-MARCH


Hope you all have a great beginning to the third month of the year.. Time is flying...its already MARCH. Lets kickstart this month with some awesome positive vibes and some amazing words.

                                                                  MUCH LOVE