I am Aakanksha ....
  • I am an engineer by qualification, writer by job, blogger by chance, learner by choice, student from time to time (currently MBA) and decor and fashion enthusiast by birth.
  • I think a LOT.
  • I can write poems only when I am sad, touched or overjoyed.
  • My best friend is my fab mom...I can share just about anything with her.
  • I am a bit egoisitic.
  • I need my cup of sugary foamy coffee in the morning to wake me up.
  • I am blunt and not diplomatic at all, I pretend though,but at the end it just shows on my face. If I dont like someone , then I only talk in one language-Sarcasm.
  • I believe in love and God.
  • I think I am more mature than my age.
  • I am spiritually inclined.
  • I hate fake people.
  • I have a Green thumb.
  • My worst fear is to live life without my loved ones.
  • I am a homely girl.
  • I love to shop...a lot.
  • I love to cook.
  • I am a chocolate lover.
  • I love to write in pointers.
  • I like making checklists and ticking things off it.
  • I think the aim of everything we do is happiness.

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