Monday 29 October 2012


Hey All!!
So hows the week coming along?? Mine is really hectic and the coming days are also seeming sooopperr busy... How I wish I could go back to my school tension, no worries...loads of laughter, loads of fun..perfecttly set routine...I still remember those days...going to school- early morning shower-glass of milk- school prayers- lunch break-sharing lunch- laughing with my besties- playing-lil bit of study-waiting for the lectures to get over-boarding the school bus- fighting for seat in the bus..hehehe....reaching home- drinking nimbu paani-eating lunch- changing the uniform- sleeping/doing homework/going to tuitions and sometimes going downstairs to play in the afternoon itself- then at 5 in the evening going in the park-playing-coming back home by 7- eating snacks- watching TV-lazing around-chit-chatting with my parents-talking to friends from landline (no mobiles)-study-dinner-sleep---how wonderful those days were...all the memories are still soo fresh and always gets a smile on my face. Anywhoo,I know those days will never be back again.... So sharing these pictures of my parent' bedside clicked in the morning itself before going to work. Have a look..

Hehe, thats my parent's honeymoon pic. This side is my Dad's side.

Sponge-gourd flowers and bottle gourd leaf.

The other side.(Mom's side)
Do you also miss your school days and cherish those memories?
Share with me in the comments section.


  1. ofcourse.. we all miss those days... and cherish those memories.. I love your parents honeymoon pic.. and its so cute of you to put it up.. Sweet!! :)

  2. More than the photo I liked your sponge-gourd flowers. They do look pretty.

  3. Those are golden days of life.

  4. Nothing beats a pot of fresh flowers. If only I could grew them, all I manage is weeds and a few herbs :) Looks lovely


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