Monday, 31 December 2012


Heyaa people!

These days there is this new fad with vaastu and feng shui.....Earlier these were not into consideration when people made their houses or offices. But these days people are building ...renovating according to the vaastu and then again building in hope that everything goes right in his life.... This may hold true but what I believe is that everything is in your own mind...If you think that nothing wrong will going to happen irrespective of in which direction your main door is placed or where you place your head while sleeping....then surely everything will be perfect in your life...But if you start cribbing about every nook and corner or about every small thing then you cant be satisfied ever even if you  spend a bomb in renovating your home. Its all about your "frame of mind", " perceptions" and  " understanding".

The vaastu and feng shui are a form of art and are bounded by their own rules and principles. It is upto you whether you follow them blindly or use a bit of your wit. What I personally think is that we should extract the easy-to do and positive things from them and let aside the expensive or the difficult things. I am not against these, but blindly following them is not cool. These days there are several vaastu and feng-shui experts who are earning their living through it (no offence), and they have the knack of finding a fault in every thing and anything, but abiding by them blindly will not take you anywhere except with a big hole in your pockets....seriously....Just change your mind-set and relax.

How to fengshui and vaastu your home if you are a lay-man (like me)...without much knowledge about bagua, directions and kua number.....aarrrghhh (I know these names because I have read a lot about them on internet until I came to the conclusion that "USE YOUR BRAINS").

Now, here I am sharing with you some of my findings :

  • WIND CHIMES: Yes...we all know about them. Irrespective of the direction, just hang these anywhere you feel like-at the entrance, balcony, terrace, windows. The sound these chimes (wooden/ metal) make will fill your house with positive vibes and will uplift your mood. Dont bother much about the number of chimes, metal or wooden. Just buy the one you like and enjoy the positivity.
  • MIRRORS: Mirror-mirror on the wall who is the wisest of them all....ME...ME...MEEE... As mirrors reflect everything, we need to be bit cautious. I love mirrors, they add an element of chutzpaahh to your home. They create an illusion of a bigger room if placed strategically facing each other. Buy these in large frames or small, they are ought to create magic. Place them anywhere where you feel happy.
  • BAMBOO: Most adabtable- easy to propogate-gorgeous green bamboo sticks in any number and anywhere in and around your house. This is surely one happy plant that will make you happy and wont even demand much of your time.Another obvious choice is that of money plant for obvious reasons.

  • COLORS: Now according to feng shui, every color has its own significance and meaning. But according to me, paint your wall in colors that are upto your and your family's taste and that doesn't bother your eyes. No point of painting your wall harsh red if your aesthethics and sensibilities believe in subtle colors.Just go by your heart and everything will be set right automatically.
These opinions are strictly my own....and I have written what I feel and have experienced.You do what your heart and mind (HnM) says to you. So what does your HnM says??? Share with me in the comments section.

Friday, 28 December 2012


Hey people!
Writing this post with a very dicey, angry and aggressive state of mind. With what all happened in Delhi in last few days is really pathetic and non-humane. In light of these recent events and crime against women,this post is a my little way of expressing that how pink in me will never back down and the men out there will have to respect women irrespective of her age, choice of dress , profession, religion or for that matter anything else.
Pink for me signifies the color of women....the color of girl is not just me but pink is usually related to everything girly whereas blue stands for the men....
In my part of the world, the blame is usually put on the girl for dressing in a provocative manner and the rapists(read bastards) are done with some meagre punishment. Why doesnt the government understands that justice delayed is justice denied.
Move on girls, its high time, we need to tighten our belts and show the world that we are a better breed. Without us, the world stands still.
Kick them out girls....let the men be very afraid this time....lets show them how pink can be the softest but also the harshest at the same time....Pink it up girls, jazz up your place with everything pink....strut your self with elan and show the world the POWER OF PINK.
I plee to all the men out there...that we all are homies guys... learn to respect and kindly STOP treating women as your personal property.We have our individuality, privacy and freedom to live as you think a billion times before you even think of crossing the line!
                                                                   (images via pinterest)
                                        What are your thoughts?Share with me in the comments section.

                                                                        MUCH STRENGTH



Thursday, 27 December 2012


Hey All!!

Just love the stripes and the yellow....perfect for the patio....great use of the corner....I soo love this.

                                                                      MUCH LOVE


Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Succulents and Inspiration.

Infusing green inside the house with succulents....

Definition of SUCCULENT (via) :Any plant with fleshy, thick tissues adapted to water storage. Some succulents (e.g., the cactus) store water only in the stem and have no leaves or very small leaves; others (e.g., agaves) store water mainly in the leaves. Most have deep or broad root systems and are native to either deserts or regions that have a semiarid season. In succulents, the stomata close during the day and open at night—the opposite of the usual pattern—in order to minimize transpiration.

Hmmm...these soft juicy plants are too cute and dont even require much of attention or care. These are the best alternative for those who are constrained with space or do not have much time to take care of their greens. These are the best bet for getting some green inside your house.
I have lately been inspired much by these. They certainely add a texture to your place.

Inspiration- Tips and Tricks
  • Place the succulent either alone or in a bunch.
  • But fancy planters to make them a center-piece.
  • These are easy to propogate and require very low maintenance and care. These can be propogated by their leaves.
  • Make sure the plant is placed in a pot with proper aeration.
  • The planter containing the succulent can  be decorated with various shells,stones,etc.
  • They are suitable for making  a terranium.
  • Innovate and instead of buying the planters, reuse and recycle. Use your old cups or brassware or small bowls or anything else.
  • Place these stunners anywhere and everywhere.
Have a lookie at some inspirational images taken from my pinterest board (here).


So how you infusing colors dude.....?????

                                                                MUCH LOVE



Sunday, 23 December 2012


Heyaa people!!!

So finally I am writting for my seems like ages...gosh....the past month was sooppeeerr hectic and i reeeaaally mean that.... to start with it was my cousin's wedding in the first week of december...and the wedding celebrations started off from day 1(December 1st) only (you know we punjabis do it really big when it comes to, dance,drinks, was one hectic but fun week)..and then my exams started of from nowhere and took a toll on me...(dark circles, stress, sleepless nights are just some of the side effects of study)...I mean really....6 exams in 7 days.....after seeing the datesheet my first reaction was....are these guys mad or what....what are they thinking....but anywhooo they are finally over now...yes....and the last two days I just spent lazing around, shopping with and for my best friend's G wedding...(I am still shocked that she is getting married...but at the same time supaah happy for her)...and now since she is getting married my parents have already started to think about my wedding...eeeeeeeee..should I be happy or should I be nervous or whaaattttt.....I am not thinking much about it ( no more see )... so all this rubbish I just told you about my past few days was to tell you that I was supah busy.... But now that I am back, I will be writing much more....
Didn't click much as I was BUSY, but have a look at the cauliflower from our backyard.


It feels great to be back!!!
See you supppaaah soon again!
Till then