Wednesday 10 October 2012


Hola people!!

Looks like autumn is the "IT" season for our kitchen garden when we get loads of organic veggies straight from our backyard... It is such a wow feeling...plucking the fruits from your hands feels so much grow them and nurture them and finally eat them hehe....whaattt.... they are meant to be eaten na.... anywhooooo we are already getting a kg of sponge guard every third day and now several other veggies are having new beginnings...and very soon we will be enjoying the veggies straight from our garden to our plates(not literally......I meant only after the cooking process is over )... hehe.... Have a lookie at our backyard where we are growing spinach,beans,cauliflower and brinjal presently..... Grow fast lovelies is what I say to them daily...
And ya one mystery plant is also growing.... of which we dont have any clue...gardener says that this is pumpkin growing.....but I ask HOOWWWW?????????.... we never ever sowed pumpkin seeds or for that matter never ever bought pumpkin seeds.... but how cute it would be if it is actually pumpkin...
 Eagerly waitin....


                                                                 Flowers of Sponge guard

 Brinjal plant flowering

                                                                         Mr. Beans


                                                                      ?Mystery Plant?

How did you like the pics?:-)
Do you recognize this mystery plant?
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                                                                      MUCH LOVE



  1. Your vegetables are wow!!!. Lucky and touch wood they are fantastically growing...About the mystery plant, I think it is the pumpkin creepers, we had two in our backyard last year giving us loads of pumpkins..

    1. Thanks Vasudha....Really m so happyy that these are pumpkin creepers...cant wait now..


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