Thursday 21 February 2013

Zen Corner at Home

Hey All!!!
Hows you all?Hows life in your part of the world? Well on my side, it's been pretty good since past few days(*touchwood*). I am getting good quality work that I am thoroughly enjoying. I am ACTUALLY enjoying being busy. This is such a wonderful feeling. I never thought that I would ever enjoy being busy with work. But as they say never say never.
Lately, I have experienced myself being attracted to spirituality. I mean this is good,right...atleast that makes my mom its pretty beautiful.
And yes, I am also doing what I love the a makeover to my room...i am so very excited about it...spending hours on pinterest for some inspiration...I am chalking out the amalgm of morrocan + kashmiri + bohemian decor for my room...but very understated. Getting a huge mirror tooo....yayyieee....Okay I am not going to tell any thing will have to wait to see the final outcome.Lets hope it comes out as I am dreaming it to be (*fingers crossed*). So a bit of renovating work is being done.
Clicked these pictures in the morning today....with the sunrays beaming through the windows, they are lending a subtle glow to our buddha.  And the fresh grass from our backyard and some incense..and tadaa our own zen corner at home....loving these pictures. Read the other zen post here.
Excuse me for the table, it is under renovation...used it for its rustic and raw appeal.
Enjoy the pictures.


Did you feel the vibes these pictures are sending...? Well they send really positive vibes to me....but maybe that is because of the spiritual connect I am experiencing...

                     Do share your thoughts in the comments section.Would love to hear from you.

                                                                     MUCH LOVE




  1. Your zen corner looks very beautiful...plant and Buddha always go well together..

  2. Thanks so much Nayana....So very true some greens and buddha can surely be create the magic..Loving it to see you more often here...Keep coming

  3. What a gorgeous zen corner... Lovely!! thanks for linking in last week... :)


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