Friday 12 October 2012


Hey all!

Its October already....can you belive that..???? Time flies so fast....and now the festivities are lined up and their will be celebration time again.... Navratris, Dusshera, Dhanteras, Diwali, Bhaiya dooj....all lined up... ohh gosh... Their is soooooooooooo much too do and soooo little time.. In India here we have a ritual of cleaning up our houses thoroughly before Diwali because its a saying that Goddess Laxmi comes and showers her blessings in your home only if it is clutter-free(this is what I was told)...I have sweet memories of how my mother used to include me in all the Diwali cleaning...I was usually given my closet and study table to clean...and all the dusting thingie that I hated... So every year cleaning and de-cluttering starts a month before Diwali... We discard some stuff and buy some new stuff... And with Diwali comes a lot of of the reasons I love this festival..So here I am sharing with you all some de-cluttering tips we (me and my fab mom) follows:

  • Make a list of things to do(clean/de-clutter) for that day. Prioritize the list.

  • One thing at a time- Follow this rule...eaither take up one room at a time, or one thing(ex. fans, switch boards,lights, windows,doors, closet etc).
  • Discard the thing that has not been used since 6 months...It really is of no use to you...Donate it.

  • Spend 5 mins vizualizing the room..It will help you in de-cluttering.
  • Reward yourself with something beautiful for every room you de-clutter.
  • Divide and Rule: Make partitions in drawers and cupboards,this will help you store more.

  • Complete each task completely.Dont leave any thing half way, complete it before taking up anything new.
  • First clean and de-clutter and then buy something for your home. Dont do the vice-versa.
  • Try re-cycling stuff that is not much of use, ex.You can use jars from your kitchen to grow plants.

  • Use small cartons/shoe boxes to store the stuff that is not in much use everday.

So buck up guys,....Those days are back again.

(How do you tell me in the comments section)

                                                                  MUCH LOVE


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