Friday 28 September 2012


Hey all,

I was just wondering that we humans are so weird...we dont realise the value of someone when they are with us...and suddenly when they are gone we realise that they were the ones who actually completed us.... Last week I lost my grandma. She was living with us since last 24 years. Her last few days were really painful. This void that she has created in our lives, can never be filled.Suddenly our home is all silent,and this silence is painful. Everytime, we pass by her room we still feel she's sitting there.Her's was a painful and struggling life from day 1. Just hope that her soul rests in peace. I have a written a poem, describing her lifetime and named it MEMORIES.

                                         Gone are the days when she was awake,
                                    Left silence behind,like still water in the lake.
                                     Struggle was the only companion of her life,
                                   From the day she was born till the day she died.
                                                Destiny showed her rough tides,
                                                But she overcame all with pride.
                             Time made her strong and she stopped giving a damn,
                    People surrounding her made her life hell and had different plans.
                                 Gave education to her children that she never got,
                                Did every possible thing to make them a better lot.
                                            Disrespect is what she got from all,
                                        But she never ever let her self-respect fall.
                                          Tough she was from inside and outside,
                                        Played father's role with mother's role aside.
                                     There were more downs than ups inher lifetime,
              Loved her daughter(& granddaughters) more than her sons(& grandsons) everytime.
                                Today when she's away,still can feel her presence,
                                     Her blessings bestowed upon us from heaven.

Love you daadi, wherever you are..... you will always remain in our hearts.




  1. Lovely poem, so moving! I lost my grandma last year and there is nothing to make the pain go away, except let the time pas...


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