Wednesday 19 September 2012



Its September already and the rain gods seems to be in a rather happy mood with generous(rather overwhelming...... the safety levels of Yamuna river are above the normal mark) dose of rain. I mean it has been regularly raining since past few weeks in Gurgaon ....though it’s good for my plants and my garden...but the condition of the roads is worst.... Well let’s see the good part only...forgetting about the "Full-of-potholes-and-bumpy roads"....lets concentrate on the blooming plants.

During the monsoons, the plants grow with twice the speed and you need to maintain them more regularly. My garden is in full bloom and is in a dire need of maintenance (gardener is off to his no cutting of the hedges), but even then the garden is in different shades of green (no flowers)... To make your garden interesting, you can:

·         Use pebbles....these break the monotony and also brings in the earthy feel.

·         Use different shaped planters to give a texture to the garden. I adore my turtle planters.

·         Place a frangipani (champa) planter with small magenta flowers to add some pop of color.

·        Place terracotta pieces (stools etc) with plants on them. Terracotta items(planters ,hanging bells, wind chimes, show pieces etc) brings in a earthy feel to the outside decor.
            Have a look at our small garden....Enjoy the pics.
















  1. Your garden is very impressive… I envy you… with all the rain you get.. For us here in Dubai rain is super rare… We may get one week of rain if we are lucky… which we truly cherish…

    Thank you for joining the Weekly Story @ Colours Dekor :) Hope you have a fabulous week ahead..


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