Tuesday 4 September 2012



Photographes play a vital role in personalising your home. These not only bring back the precious old memories of our past but also gives a warm and welcoming ambience to the room. Here are a few tips that may help you:

·         Get your favourite photos from your last vacation, your childhood pictures, your marriage photos, your pets or any random picture framed.

·         Get the frames in different sizes and styles to add texture.

·         Opt for different sized photos to create a drama on the wall. Get your photos enlarged accordingly.

·         Add different borders of varying width to enhance the photos.

·         Don’t feel shy to frame your" not-so-good"(that you think are weird or funny) photos....these photos form the masterpieces and truly add that personal touch to your space. Trust me they really look super awesome and every time you will look at them....they will bring a smile on your face with loads of fun memories.

·         And suddenly I am realizing that I am actually enjoying writing in bullet points...hehe.

Have a look at how these photos are hanged up in my parents room.... I call this wall as the "WALL OF FRAMES."







So bring out all the lovely photos from your albums and get them FRAMED.


                                                            Until next time



  1. Beautiful.. .Love the blog banner,.. especialy the pic of brass (?!?) tea pot filled with cosmos flowers... !!

  2. that looks lovely... I do like frames.. arranged nicely.. :)


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