Friday 28 September 2012


Hey World,
Today, I am sharing with you all the current setting of knick knacks on my dining table... Mom feels its a bit crowded, so I removed the brass salt and pepper (i adore them...but still).Will share them with you all when I again rearrange the dining table. Have a look at the pics...
 This candle stand looks awesome when lit and the pearl mats looks lovely with its glow.

Bamboo stems in a small(rather tiny) vase(actually it's not even a vase, it was bought years back when my art teacher was teaching us how to make gel candles ) and here it is today holding pebbles and bamboo istead of the gel candle.I have re-invented it by rolling jute at the bottom.
 This lotus flower usually floats in the water in small terracotta urli but nowdays it is sitting all dry on the dining table.

                              These greens are cuttings from my garden in my cute brass kettle.

Do tell me that do you also find the dining table chaotic....
Till next time.....

                                                                              Much Love



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