Friday 25 January 2013


 Hey everyone,

Today, here on my sweet little  blog I'll be writing about the "IT" color of the year- EMERALD. I simply love this color, its deep shade is so mesmerizing. Now for those who aren't aware, its officially the pantone color of the year.

That means that this color will be in vogue irrespective of the season. One whole year for some great emerald show-off...wwoohooo....

Emerald for me though spells opulence, lavishness, richness and luxury. And this vibrant shade of green, often associated with nature and spring, signifies renewal, regrowth and health.

So go get your wardrobe and home filled with the emerald hues. And ladies, its time to get those emerald earings you have been eyeing for long...go loosen your hubby's pockets AND AND AND no excuse shall be entertained, after all its the color of the season.

Get some emerald inspiration.

Are you digging this emerald trend???

                                                         MUCH LOVE


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