Sunday 31 March 2013

Playing Photgrapher and Capturing Nature....

You know what, it rained yesterday here in Delhi and Gurgaon and the weather is just amazingly beautiful. With spring here, there are fresh green leaves, colorful flowers, butterflies and bugs buzzing my garden. Loving the colors in the garden these days.

Yesterday, after the rains stopped, I got out and clicked some pictures from our garden. Have a look at my shots!!

 Our new 'narangi' plant changing colors.
                                                   Gorgeous hues of golden Duranta hedges.
                                                              Budding mor pankhi.
                                              Wandering jews and yellow daisy fresh after rains.
                                     Before the rains and a few weeks earlier, garden was like this.

                       This lady bird certainly knows about the current fashion trends: Polka Dots

                                                                    Curry flowers
                                                                        Rosey Bud
 Bougainvillea greens
                                                             And the bud blossomed
Fresh green leaves of curry leaves.
Much Love


  1. wow!
    What a pretty!!!!!
    Sweet green......
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks so much Viji!
      Glad you liked it!!

  2. Loved your garden , are the 'narangi' fruits edible?

    1. Hey Vasudha,
      These narangis are very very bitter and really sour. But I saw a recipe of marmalade using these narangis on some website quite a while back. But a lot of sugar was added to overcome the bitterness. I don't think I will be eating them!


  3. Hahaha... You're right!! The bug is a fashionista ;)

    Curry flowers.. That's the first time I am seeing it. My tiny curry leaves plant is way too far from bearing flowers.

    Enjoying Gurgaon rains too :) perfect


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