Monday 4 March 2013

Floral power

I have tested this techinque like around few million times and everytime it has proved to be correct. Now I am talking about the power of flowers... Everytime their is any setting at home with fresh automaticallly brings in the happy energy. The aura they create is just fantabulous. Nothing beats the freshness and classiness of flowers. Buy them for yourself or ask somebody to gift it to you.....but do get some occasional freshness at home if not daily. I got these flowers last night while driving back home at one of the red lights...yes dont get shocked...
Here in Delhi we see small children selling books, flowers, mobile chargers etc on the roads. As the traffic light turns red a bunch of them comes on the road from about nowhere and try on with their luck and marketing skills until the lights turn green. ahhh....but that a different story....and inspite of all these wrongs...I just love my delhi.*I am and will always be a true blue delhiite aka dilli wali.* 




After reaching home, I placed these pretties in a vase and started with my click click....blurred images courtesy my mobile camera....but some of the pictures are from this morning....

So do you also belive in the flower power? Share your thoughts about the post in the comments section!

                                                                   MUCH LOVE



  1. blurred images.. give the same feel though.. Gorgeous..

  2. The pictures are talking a lot.

  3. you have an amazing blog .good taste of choosing things!:)

  4. are those Dahilas? I love'em...


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