Sunday 23 December 2012


Heyaa people!!!

So finally I am writting for my seems like ages...gosh....the past month was sooppeeerr hectic and i reeeaaally mean that.... to start with it was my cousin's wedding in the first week of december...and the wedding celebrations started off from day 1(December 1st) only (you know we punjabis do it really big when it comes to, dance,drinks, was one hectic but fun week)..and then my exams started of from nowhere and took a toll on me...(dark circles, stress, sleepless nights are just some of the side effects of study)...I mean really....6 exams in 7 days.....after seeing the datesheet my first reaction was....are these guys mad or what....what are they thinking....but anywhooo they are finally over now...yes....and the last two days I just spent lazing around, shopping with and for my best friend's G wedding...(I am still shocked that she is getting married...but at the same time supaah happy for her)...and now since she is getting married my parents have already started to think about my wedding...eeeeeeeee..should I be happy or should I be nervous or whaaattttt.....I am not thinking much about it ( no more see )... so all this rubbish I just told you about my past few days was to tell you that I was supah busy.... But now that I am back, I will be writing much more....
Didn't click much as I was BUSY, but have a look at the cauliflower from our backyard.


It feels great to be back!!!
See you supppaaah soon again!
Till then

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