Wednesday 21 November 2012


Hey Everybody!!

Lately, I have been browsing a lot through pinterest and this has led to me falling in love with  stunning arbors/pergolas that adorn the gardens. The concept of these looks so mesmerising and I am having a strong urge to have these in my gardens also. I am taking this as a project and the process of convincing my parents will start from TODAY badly I want these I cant even express.... already have tons of ideas for my front garden and backyard...these are surely an awesome way to glam up your garden and giving height to your greens....
I am already daydreaming and designing a pergola for the backyard with loads of lights, bamboo furniture, lanterns,terracotta bells, rustic long table, greens and flowers hanging down from these....ohhhh I am drooling over these and I know I wont be at peace until I will get one....
Now for the sake of my 'drooling-over-all-things-rustic-and-green' mind's peace....My parents will have to give in for this new demand of mine.

Aww, my lovelies I'm surely gonna get you home....

How do you like these??? You too drooling over or not????Share with me in the comments section.
 Find more of these stunners here.

                                                                    MUCH LOVE


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