Sunday 17 November 2013

Say hello to the newly weds ;)

Hi there!

Terracotta always attracts me towards itself. I have a weakness for the fabulous things that are being made of this gorgeous red sand. They add perfect ethnic and warm touch to your garden and completely gels with the gorgeous greens of the plants.
Latest addition to my terracotta animal kingdom is this beautiful couple that we will call Mr. and Mrs. Snail.[The taller one is the Mister and the other smaller one is his Missus.]. Earlier I had a family of turtles bossing around in the garden, but now we have got them new neighbours.
Turtle family having their zen moment:)

Now I just hope, that these three naughty turtles do not take advantage of sober family of Snails and bully them.

Let see, who will be the next to enter in our very own animal kingdom. Do you also have a soft corner for terracotta and quirky planters? Share you love in the comments section.

                                                            MUCH LOVE


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